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ASAP GARAGE DOOR REPAIR DC , service, repair and install overhead garage doors. We are local, fast, bounded and insures, and we service both commercial and residential overhead doors, and since we carry with us the parts, we can fix any broken overhead garage door today.
We can take care of all aspects of garage door repairs. Whether it is a new garage door installation, a garage door spring replacement, or garage door opener installment, the experts of ASAP GARAGE DOOR REPAIR DC are the answer.
After years of servicing overhead doors, there is no repair or installation job that will be too simple or too complicated for us. So call us today, and we will make your garage door working again by the end of the day.

Garage Door Repairs

ASAP GARAGE DOOR REPAIR DC are proud to offer same day garage door repairs. If you think about it, it seem like the mechanism of the garage doors is very simple. It only include a sectional overhead door, which roll up and down along the tracks, and sometime the garage doors is also equipped with electric garage door opener. But when you fully understand the mechanism of the overhead doors, you will find that there is much more than just door and springs, and the garage door mechanism can easily become a dangerous thing, and misusing it can be risky. Whenever you repair a garage door, you need to be very careful whether you are thinking about replacing, repairing, installing or maintaining your garage door. And that goes to every garage door, whether it is a garage door service. Always remain on the safe side, since sometime it is just impossible to fix garage door issues without the proper tools and parts.
There are many home improvements projects, especially those which involve power tools and risks are better to be kept for the professionals that garage door services in is what they do. And since we offer same day garage door repair service, there is no reason to try and fix things by yourself, just give us a call, and we will be there today, since if you own a garage door that need repairs, you are local to us. So there is no need for long waits, and no need to worry that you may not be able to use the door for a while, we will fix your broken garage door today.

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With ASAP GARAGE DOOR REPAIR DC you have no hassles to deal with, only exceptional results.


Broken Spring Repair

There are multiple reasons that can prevent overhead doors from working flawlessly. One of the common problems that happen to garage doors - and which many times followed by a loud noise that may sound like the door is completely loss and the first thing you probably think about when you hear it is that your garage door is crashed, and probably need to be replaced -is broken or snapped garage door spring. It can happen for doors with extension springs, and for doors with torsion springs, the important thing is that you will stop using your door whenever the garage door spring snapped.
But even if your garage door spring snapped, there is no need to worry: ASAP GARAGE DOOR REPAIR DC and replace garage door springs daily, and we replace the broken springs on the spot. But even if we can replace the spring on the spot. There are few things you can do, to try and minimize the damage, and to protect the people who come near the garage door from getting injured. You need to make sure that nobody, including yourself will try and use the garage door. The second thing is to contact a local garage door company, which offer same day service for all kinds of Overhead doors and that fix broken garage doors on the spot If you would like to learn more about a garage door troubleshooting, you can read this post about broken garage door opener repair, or this post about garage door troubleshooting.
ASAP GARAGE DOOR REPAIR DC , replace and install all types of garage door springs. Whether you need a new garage door extension spring; or a new garage door torsion spring in installation, we can help. During years of servicing overhead doors, we learned which the most popular garage doors are, and which overhead door springs are more likely to snap. We carry those springs with us, in order to complete every garage door repair.

Overhead Door Opener Repair

An electric garage door - which is operated by a garage door operator - can make our life much easier. Instead of opening the garage and close it manually every time we need to access the garage, the electric opener is doing that for us. Usually garage openers equipped with a remote control, a Key-Pad, Push Button and of course safety sensors.
Today’s openers can easily last 20-30 years, as long as it was correctly installed by a qualified technician, and as long it is a high quality opener. Such high quality opener will ensure both a strong garage opener, and at the same time will make sure that the door will be safe for use.
But even a top quality opener, such as Lift Master garage opener or Genie garage opener, can stop working after many years of operating garage doors. And one of the problems we are facing every day while servicing garage doors, and may seem to you like an opener problem, is actually a different problem, usually a problem with the garage door mechanism.
A qualified garage door expert should be able to immediately notice if the problem is from the garage door opener or from the garage door itself, like a broken spring or snapped cable. But keep in mind that no matter if it is a garage door out of tracks, a cable that snapped, or a problem with the garage opener, a broken garage door should never be used. Before a garage door technician will fix it, and make sure it is working properly and of course and above all, make sure that your garage door in is safe for use.